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I remember the first time that I peeled an onion.  My mother always had us girls in the kitchen.  I seemed to be the 'Black Sheep', therefore I thought that I got all the jobs no one else wanted.  

I had seen mother do certain things in the kitchen.  However, by the time I got in there it was to clean up.  This time she called me while she was cooking to peel an onion. I always tried hard to please my mother therefore; I wanted to do a good job at whatever I did.  

I began to peel the onions outer skin.  I cut into the onion peeling away a layer of it.  There was a thin layer  there, which I had never seen when eating and I had always hated onions so I got rid of that layer.  The next layer was just like the other and was unacceptable to me and I peeled it away only to find another layer.  Finally, after peeling the onion to barely anything, I remember first being afraid when I realized that I had made a mistake by peeling away so many layers.  I took what was left to my mother holding the now tiny piece of onion out in the palm of my hand.  To my surprise, I did not get into trouble but that day but I learned how to peel an onion.

The Word of Truth and the Way into Higher Spiritual Consciousness into the Kingdom is like the many layers of an onion.  There are multiple-faceted layers, levels and realms that one can continue on and on and on and still never receive all the revelation to the Mysteries of  divine wisdom and divine knowledge of the Divine Creator.

Many are the redeemed who dwell in the out-most layer of the Outer Courts with the masses who are completely happy  and content where they are.  They will therefore become mature at that level to perform the duties  where they have been called in life.  These are not concerned if they are one of those Elected to a higher Order  they are content to be one of the Called predestined to salvation and an inheritor of the Kingdom. They are not concerned about going into the next layer of the Inner-Court Called the General Assembly.

Those within the General Assembly are just as content and are satisfied right where they are.  They are happy with that which has been revealed to them as they fulfill their works contently within the General Assembly.  No longer aliens but fellow citizens with the saints and are of the Royal Household having been built upon the Foundation of the Apostles and Prophets or the Enlightened One's, with the Christ Principles as the Corner Stone.  However, these are capable and able to minister to the needs of the Masses of the Redeemed dwelling within the Outer Courts. 

Wherever one feels they have been positioned respect where you are.  Honor every level and every layer. Each layer is unique and leads one to multifaceted layers of truth, and all are necessary for the building to fit jointly together. Within each layer and level one's character is being refined as they are brought into the multiple levels to perfection.  One's desire and one's Life-Purpose purpose determine what they get and how far they may go.

The Tent of the Meeting which housed the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place was separated within the Tabernacle by a curtain.  However the curtain veil was rent to allow access to whomsoever will enter. Many are the Called few have been Chosen to enter into the Tent of  Meeting as spiritual guides.  Therefore, we are to be content at whatever level we are. The more one is given the more they are culpable to. 

Once we learn and utilize what we have received and the Spirit has worked out the Reality of it in our lives, it is the Spirit that will advance us peeling off another layer as we walk in that of which we have received.

The following two messages, in particular  primarily deals with the Tabernacle, comparing the shadows  and types with the prophetic revelation of the various levels which depicts our spiritual walk  right here on earth.  They tell how to become Restored  or come  into Divine Union  through putting on the Mind of a Christ. In both Stewards of the Gospel and Tent of the Tabernacle, we prophetically broke down Revelation we received at each level and what the furniture and implements within each level  prophetically represents.

It is so very important for us to know the ‘Pictures’  or ‘Shadows’ given to us in the Scriptures and the prototypes, which  depict the route we are to take in our earthly travels.  This is in order for us to reach our intended purpose in life while spreading love and light for others.  Therefore, if one rejects the so-called Old Testament, they not only reject the replica of Heaven, Zion and the New Jerusalem but the WAY to reach them! They reject the Way to Restoration.

Heaven is a state of mind one reaches once they have been redeemed, one becomes a Heavenly Citizen.  Heaven is not some faraway place that we reach after we die. The fulfillment of the types and shadows shows us the way to the Kingdom and how to reside there. 

We have been presented with a VIEW, a new outlook and improved Perfect Way.  The Original Way was not destroyed or done away with but it was fulfilled and perfected. We were presented with a perfect example of how to walk the new and improved Way.  Christ said, NOW, the Kingdom of G-D is before you!  That was over two thousand years ago! 

In another place Scripture says that  the Kingdom  is within the heart of man!  The heart of man is the mind of man! Therefore, to dwell in Heaven one must have the Mind of a Christ—That anointed mind!  

Heaven is a part of or a level within Zion. Zion is also known as the New Jerusalem.  The replica or shadow of earthly Zion is to enter into a higher mental and spiritual consciousness.  This is where the Creator dwells.  To dwell in Zion is to be clearly unobstructed in one’s though process or mind to be established in loves abode where High and Holy thoughts abide.

The entire Tabernacle Complex is Zion!  The outer Court is in Zion.  The Inner-Court is in Zion! The General Assembly is in Zion.  The Church of the First born is in Zion and the Spirits of the righteous made perfect are all various spiritual levels in and are an integral part of Zion!

Within the Church of the Firstborn are those who have been summoned out of the General Assembly to perform a specific task.  In this Order are those spiritual guides who operate within the Fivefold Ministry or Apostolic Order.   He gave some as apostles, and some as prophets.  And some as evangelists, some as pastors and some as teachers for the equipping of the saints for the work of service to the building up of the Body of Christ' until all attain the Unity of the Faith; into  the Knowledge of Sons; to a mature man or a more perfect man.

Those within the order of the Church of the First-born are those who have entered into the Holy Place.  These are they who were summoned to a higher level and call from among the General Assembly. Their authority overlaps in both the General Assembly and the Church of the Firstborn.  These also operate within the Apostolic Order equipping the saints for the work of service in building up a Body of Christ’s.

The Sons within these levels of Zion have reached maturity or Teleios within their order.  Just because someone is in the General Assembly or the Outer-Courts does not mean that they cannot reach perfection.  Everyone reaches perfection and/or Teleios according to their ability and capacity in the function, Call,  Order or Election where they have been placed and unto the measure of one’s fullness.  One’s Call, Election, maturity and desire are what advance someone from the General Assembly to the Church of the Firstborn.

Teleios is someone who has attained a moral end in the goal for which he or she was intended, reaching the completion of or perfection in  his or her purpose.  This is all in accordance with the amount of  Christ's gift in them and to the dimension of growth and their fullness as a Christ or 'anointed one' or enlightened one.

Therefore, if someone’s call or election is for the General Assembly or the Church of the First-born, they must stay within that Call.  Do not look at someone else's position and want to do what they are doing.  I can assure you that each and every one of us has enough work within our own  assignment.  

All Calls  are important and are necessary for the orderly function and the “fullness” of the Body.  So, if someone is off on a tangent or thinks that his or her assignment is not as important as some others are, the entire Body suffers.

The third Order or “Course” are those in the highest levels of Zion.  That would be through the Veil into the Holy of Holies.  The Veil represents crucifixion of flesh. These mature righteous or Teleios are the “breakers,” the “feet,” otherwise known as the “foundation” for the Body. These have been drawn by Spirit, their flesh having been crucified they have been awakened and enlightened to the Mystery's of restoration and of entering into the Kingdom.  They are ministers after the Order of Melchezedek, cauterized by the flames of love having come to full stature or Teleios.  They form a singular mission, which is to build a Body with many Nations.  

These will become known as “He who overcomes.”  It is to those “Who overcomes, I will make him a pillar in the Temple of My G-D. These are the Enlightened Ones, in Christendom; the Apostles and Prophets who proclaim Truth from the Throne room of Zion.

Those who are left in Zion and remain in Jerusalem will be called holy, everyone who is recorded for life in Jerusalem. 

Jerusalem is also called the City of G-D.  It was built on seven hills.  The Temple or Zion was built on one of those hills.  Zion, also known as the City of David, is the Seat of the Kingdom.  The highest of the seven hills is where the throne of David rested. There are seven baptisms and seven spirit realms represented prophetically in the Temple.  The number seven in numerology represents completion and perfection.

"His Foundation is in the holy mountains.  The Lord loves the Gates of Zion more than all other dwelling places…Glorious things are spoken of you, O City of G-D, I shall mention Rahab and Babylon among those who know me; ‘this one was born there.’  But of Zion it shall be said ‘this one and that one were born in her’ and the Most High Himself will establish Her.  The Lord shall count when He registers (in Book of Life) the peoples; this one was born there.  Then those who sing as well as those who play the flutes shall say ‘all my springs of joy are in you."

Both Rahab and Babylon represents bondage; however, in this case, they have been redeemed and adopted into the Royal Household having accepted their redemption.  They know who G-D is, yet they still hold onto some of their old ways, they have not fully awakened to become mature as Sons.  They are not completely sold out.  This is why they received a mere mention.  These will serve in the Outer Court and within the General Assembly.

However, glory and excellence were told of the “Foundations” and “Gates of Zion.”  Those that dwell here, their birthright and the approval of their commission were established.  There praises and exultation from the Most High were acknowledged as His Joy and His love was more for them than any other.  These “Foundations” and “Gate-keepers” of Zion were born there!  They have reclaimed their heritage!  This is why they are victorious.  They are Overcomers!  This sing a song of victory  over the image of the beast, his name, the mark and the number of his name.  These have something to sing about because they have been made anew, clothed in the purity and essence of G-D.  They have been successful within their Metron  and will proclaim  Truths from Zion!  They are the Foundations  of Zion! They are the Enlightened One's!

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